Denise’s Story

Denise Plante

Audio Transcript:

You can tell when someone is smiling just by their voice, I am smiling right now and it’s not because you can see me, it’s just because I am really happy. I am so happy with the results! I went to Almeida & Bell Dental they are Colorado’s cosmetic dentists. As a matter of fact that is their website

Hi this is Denise Plante and let me tell you I was born with a lot of great things in life, a beautiful smile, no not one of them. So I had to have a lot of work done, I had 10 teeth redone on my upper mouth and I am so, so happy I chose Almeida & Bell Dental. I have seen thousands of their cases, because I have known them for years, they come on the TV show I host Colorado and Company. So I have had a chance to see before and afters, and it is so natural. So, I went to them and the good Dr. said “Okay this is what we want to do.”

I actually had to see a mock up before I saw the final results. So, I kind of expected the great results that I got and now I can’t stop smiling. I have so much more self esteem, and like it or not the first thing people notice is your teeth, your smile. So if you’re looking for an impressive smile call my friends 303-872-8059.