Teeth Whitening

Get White Teeth In Lone Tree

Smiling guy proudly displays his white teeth after getting a tooth whitening near Denver.Teeth whitening is a process that removes stains and discoloration, and gives you a whiter, brighter smile. The most successful whitening procedures are often the ones that are supervised by a cosmetic dentist.

Procedures can be in-office or self-care. Both of these treatments can be discussed during your dental appointment at our Lone Tree dentist office.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

Self-Esteem Boost | White teeth can lead to more frequent smiles. When your smile looks good, why hide it? Having a good smile makes you feel more confident and feel better about yourself.

Attractiveness | According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of adults believe a whiter smile is more attractive.

Increase in Business | A boost in self-esteem and an increase in perceived attractiveness both lead to an uptick in business performance. When you feel better about yourself, others want to be around you more and it may lead to more business opportunities.

Safe ­| Dentist supervised tooth whitening is safe and allows us to ensure your gums do not get irritated from the process.

Smiling girl shows off her white teeth after receiving a professional tooth whitening near Denver.The Tooth Whitening Procedure:

Self-Care | During your first visit, we will perform an examination to determine if you are a candidate for tooth whitening. Next we will create a custom mouthpiece that will ensure you apply the correct amount of whitening solution to your teeth.

Once your mouthpiece has been crafted, you will take home a whitening solution. Many treatments last about two weeks. During that time, you will visit our Lone Tree office periodically to ensure your teeth are responding to the treatment, that we are achieving the desired amount of whitening, and that your gums are not suffering from any irritation.

In-Office | Just like with the self-care treatment, we will create a custom mold for your teeth. Doing it in-office allows us to use a stronger solution, as well as professional light or heat sources.

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Whichever path you choose, Bell and Almeida is ready to give you the white teeth you’ve been wanting. Give us a call if you are in the Denver area, including Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch. A whiter smile is within your reach!