Porcelain Crowns

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Woman shows off porcelain dental crowns in Denver.Dental crowns are “caps” that cover your entire tooth. In order to place them, your tooth needs to be shaped, before the crown is cemented over your remaining tooth structure. Like veneers, crowns improve color, shape, and size of a tooth.

Dental crowns are made of many different materials, such as stainless steel, metals, resin, and porcelain. Porcelain crowns are easier to match to the natural color of your teeth. Porcelain fused with metal crowns are a popular choice because of their combined strength and natural look, but if you’re allergic to metals, all-porcelain crowns are available.

Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns:

Look Natural | More than any other material, porcelain crowns look like your natural teeth. They’re also easier to match in color to the rest of your teeth, which gives you a smile you can have confidence in.

Low Irritability | Porcelain does not irritate your gums. This is especially important if you are allergic to any metals.

Functionality | Often, if you need a crown, this means that the functionality of your mouth has been compromised. A tooth crown will help to return that functionality, so that you can chew without discomfort.

Stain Resistant | A tooth crown made of porcelain is resistant to staining.

Patients love how a Denver tooth crown dentist can transform their smile.The Tooth Crown Procedure:

Examination | During your first visit in Lone Tree, we will examine your mouth to determine if you are a candidate for a tooth crown. Here we can determine whether a porcelain crown or porcelain veneers are the better option. Like crowns, porcelain veneers help improve the look of the tooth, but it is a less invasive procedure.

Preparation | Preparing your tooth for a crown involves anesthesia administered to numb the tooth and gums, filing down or building up of the tooth as needed, placement of a temporary crown, and the taking of dental impressions. These molds are sent to a laboratory for the creation of the crown.

Permanent Placement | During your second visit we will remove the temporary crown, fit the permanent crown, and, if everything is good, permanently attach the crown with cement. A local anesthetic may be used.

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