Patti’s Story

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Patti Tanis. I was watching television one Friday afternoon on Colorado and Company and saw these beautiful people who had had work done on their teeth. The before and afters were so incredible and I just thought I need to go in and just have a talk. My teeth weren’t in bad shape but they were getting old. I was aging, my teeth were aging. So I decided to go check them out.

I came in, talked to Dr. Bell, the entire staff is fabulous, the most wonderful clinic I’ve ever been to and Dr. Bell looked at me and said “I can make you look gorgeous”. Originally had two caps that were done a long time ago and they were very very worn out. They were about 25 years old, amazing they made it that long. So I thought I’d just have those 2 teeth fixed. But he said “These are looking a little older and these are little cracks, little this and that and the other and we could do a little bit more work and it would look a lot better for you.” So I wound up doing 10 teeth. And I’m so glad I did. Those two teeth wouldn’t have looked so nice as the rest of them do. He was gentle, sweet, wonderful, he’s so kind he explains everything. Absolutely everything as he goes along.

…That was actually a year ago in April that everything was completed so my teeth are having their first birthday! I always smiled small and rarely took pictures or covered my mouth or just didn’t smile at all and now I smile all the time. Great big smiles and in fact it’s such a habit I walk around smiling all the time!