Jeannene’s Story

Video Transcript:

I am Jeannene Durback. I have hated my teeth my entire life and finally was in the financial position to do something about it. As luck would have it, I saw an advertisement on Colorado and Company and came in and was just immediately impressed from the minute I walked in. Just beautiful office, everybody was friendly and professional. Dr. Bell did a great job of talking me through all the options I had available and was able to immediately show me some possible before and afters shots and I was sold.

When I first came in, I wasn’t sure what my options would be. Not only were my teeth crooked and discolored, I also was missing a tooth. I had 1 canine that was really crooked. So I wasn’t sure if I was looking at implants or if I was going to be told that my only option was to go into braces, which was not desirable in my 30s. But I was super excited when I found out that they could do the veneers. The whole treatment would only take a matter of a couple weeks. After doing the Initial Treatment phase, they put me into temporary veneers, so I had those the whole time while I waited for my permanents, so I never had to walk around with any sort of a messed up smile or anything, it was beautiful from the beginning.

I knew it was going to make a difference, but I didn’t realize just how much. I didn’t realize how much I was talking to people and covering my mouth, anytime I did a big smile. And actually I think the greatest part was my kids saying “Oh my gosh mom, you smile so much more now.” I have 3 daughters and I realize a lot of the pictures we’ve taken over the years, It’s me taking pictures of them with their dad. And now I love to take pictures with my girls. So that’s been great.