Dental Implants

The Best Solution In Denver For Missing Teeth

Older couple from Highlands Ranch visited Lone Tree for dental implant dentistry.Implants are small metal posts that, once implanted into your gums, we can then attach replacement teeth to. This is ideal for anyone with missing teeth. We can also use implants to secure dentures and bridges at our Denver dentist office in Lone Tree.

The two types of implants we can place are called endosteal and subperiosteal. The endosteal implants are surgically placed directly into the jawbone. The subperiosteal involves a metal frame that is attached to the jawbone just beneath the gum.


Protect Your Jaw From Bone Loss | When you are missing teeth, the bone begins to deteriorate. Implanting an artificial tooth root into the place where the tooth has been lost helps to prevent further bone loss.

Look Natural | Implants can look just like the rest of your teeth. They are a safe and natural looking way to replace lost teeth, without making it obvious you’ve had the procedure done.

Keep the Shape of Your Face and Prevent Premature Aging | When bone loss begins, the shape of your face begins to change, causing you to look prematurely aged. An implant can prevent this from happening and can even return the shape and structure to your face once you’ve experienced bone loss.

Secure Dentures and Bridges | Using implants to secure dentures to your mouth means you don’t have to take them out to clean. False teeth stay securely in place, while you eat what you wish without complications.

No Slurred Words | If you have dentures or bridges, then you know that false teeth can become loose, causing you to slur your words, and experience some embarrassment. Not if you secure your dentures or bridges with implants! Dental implants will stay snugly in place and you will have full control of your words again.


Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center offers implant dentistry near Denver.Your dental implant procedure will take multiple visits to our Lone Tree office. You will not be referred to another practice for placement. We can perform every step of the procedure right here!!

First Appointment | During your first meeting with us, we will provide you with a consultation, discuss your options and determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. A treatment plan will be created and x-rays may be taken.

Second Appointment | Your dental implants will be placed. It will take about 12 weeks for the healing process to complete. During this time, the jawbone will have grown around the implant, securing it into place.

Third Appointment | Dr. Bell or Dr. Almeida will use cosmetic dentistry to craft and secure the crown, bridge, dentures, or any other dental work that will be attached to the implants.

Drs. Bell and Almeida look forward to discussing dental implants with you. If you are interested in what implants can do for you, please call! We work with patients from all over the Denver area, including Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch, so don’t wait any longer to get the smile you want!