Chris’ Story

Video Transcript:

My name is Chris Matson. So I moved to Parker about 10 years ago with my wife and family. When we moved out to Parker, obviously we were looking for new family doctors, new family dentists and moved into the neighborhood and lived real close to Dr. Adam Almeida. I just became friends with him and told him I was looking for a new dentist and he said “I’m a dentist!” and I said “Perfect”. So I came in and visited him and when I came in it was a great experience. At the time, Dr. Almeida worked with his dad Don, both of which great guys. They really have a knack for making you feel comfortable when you come out here. They take the time to come in and sit and ask you about your personal life and all that. And then when it comes down to your teeth, they’re all professional. Whenever you have questions about your teeth, it’s easy for them to answer, they’re very forthcoming when it comes to that stuff. So they made me feel very very comfortable. It’s great coming in here. The office is comfortable. The staff is always friendly. You always get a smile. They’re always asking you about your personal life and how things are going and it just really feels like a family around here.

So when I first started coming, I just came for General Dentistry stuff. I’d never really thought about getting cosmetic work done. About 6 years ago, I cracked my front tooth and ended up having to get a root canal on it and then the next year cracked my other front tooth and had to get a root canal on that. They were able to save the teeth and I was able to use them fine. But when your teeth die, they eventually get brittle and eventually start changing colors. So year after year, I just noticed that my two front teeth were just getting darker and darker. Not only that but the bottom ridge of my teeth started kinda chipping off, just microchips you could just feel coming off.

Finally after one session, I just asked Dr, Almeida about Veneers and he said that I was a perfect candidate for it. I thought that it was a lot longer of a process. He was able to walk me through it and made it seem very very simple. We actually got started that week, got my temporaries on and the great thing about that was that the temporaries looked even better than my normal teeth, I thought they looked great and he said “Just wait until the real ones come in”. Then two and a half weeks later, I came back in. The Veneers were ready, he came and he put them on. And it was surprising once they got put on how natural they felt. I loved that they just feel like your normal teeth. There’s no difference from them. They look so natural, the color of them, the translucency of them, things like that. Nobody has ever asked me if I’ve gotten work done. They always just say “Man, you just have really pretty, white teeth.” And that’s what I love about it.